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Want to avoid the stress and inconvenience of a jump start or tow? Of course you do! A great way to do that is to be aware of the signs of a dead battery and follow routine maintenance so your current battery can work stronger longer.

OK, So What Are Weak Car Battery Symptoms? 

Look and listen for these early warning signs of a dead battery:

1. Slow engine crank.
Here’s what happens when a battery works properly: the starter takes electrical energy stored in the battery and converts it into mechanical energy to crank the engine. If you hear the engine cranking slowly, you may have a dying battery.

2. Clicking sound when you turn the key or press the start button.
Uh-oh! Your battery may be too weak to sufficiently crank the engine.

3. Dim headlights.
The lights just aren’t getting the power they need. Lights are vital to your safety because they enable you to see other drivers and let them see you, so take note if they aren’t shining as brightly as they should.

4. Problems with electrical components.
Most modern cars have many electronic accessories, and each draws upon the battery for power. When you find these accessories aren’t performing as they should, it’s one of the weak car battery symptoms.

5. Dashboard warning light illuminated.
Does your car have a battery dashboard warning indicator? Generally, it’s in the shape of a car battery and comes on when the battery is not charging properly or has an internal problem. IMPORTANT: When this light comes on, don’t ignore it! Have your battery professionally inspected as soon as possible. (Fortunately, Jiffy Lube® has more than 2,000 locations, so there’s likely one nearby.)

6. The battery case is swollen.
If your car has recently endured a hot wave or a cold snap, it’s a good idea to pop the hood and take a look. The battery case can swell when exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures, and this can lead to an “electrically dead” battery. If this happens, the battery cannot be recovered and will have to be replaced.

The Calendar May Reveal One Of The Early Signs Of A Dead Battery. 

How old is your battery? If you’re not sure, the date of manufacture is often found on the battery case. Once a battery is four years old or more, you should have it tested to see how much life it still has. This can help you avoid the unpleasant surprise of getting behind the wheel and finding your car won’t start

Little Things Mean A Lot.

Here are two small things you can do that may have a big impact on your battery.

  1. Make sure the battery terminals are properly connected. If they are loose, tighten them.
  2. Turn off all the lights. Accidentally leaving the headlights and/or door lights on places a heavy toll on your battery.

The Value Of Professional Maintenance.

Why wait till you see weak car battery symptoms? Consistent, timely battery maintenance can help you roll with the confidence that comes from knowing your battery is ready to perform when you turn the key or press the start button.

It’s generally recommended that batteries be checked twice a year (every six months or 6,000 miles). You’ll find the maintenance schedule for your specific vehicle in the owner’s manual. If you can’t find your manual, just call Jiffy Lube. Trained Jiffy Lube technicians can access your car’s maintenance schedule.

What To Expect When You Bring Your Car In For A Battery Check-Up.

A Jiffy Lube technician will:

  • Ask questions about your driving style to determine the impact it may have on battery life
  • Visually inspect your battery, including the hold down and connections
  • Perform a thorough terminal cleaning (as needed and with your approval)
  • Replace cables (as needed and with your approval)
  • Inspect connections and tighten them, if required
  • Electrically test the battery
  • Inspect and adjust the battery fluid level, if possible


This battery maintenance check is routinely performed as part of the Jiffy Lube Signature Service® Oil Change, but it can also be done as a standalone service. So, if you see the signs of a dead battery, don’t hesitate. Even if you’re between regularly scheduled maintenance appointments, bring your car, truck, SUV, or minivan to Jiffy Lube for a battery check-up.

Jiffy Lube service member checking the strength of a car battery that displays weak car battery symptoms

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