Auto Glass and Headlights Services

Jiffy Lube® exterior and glass services help ensure your view from the driver's seat is clear and well-lit.

Headlight Cleaning

Maybe it’s cloudy or perhaps it’s yellow. Whatever it is, your headlights don’t look or perform like they used to. At Jiffy Lube®, our headlight cleaning service is a quick and convenient way to help restore your headlight appearance and performance.

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Light Bulb Inspection and Replacement

Have a light out? It can be challenging to check all of your vehicle’s exterior lights yourself, so let Jiffy Lube® inspect and replace them for you.

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Windshield Repair

See a chip? Before it becomes a crack, visit Jiffy Lube® to perform a windshield repair service to help avoid the need for a new windshield.

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Windshield Treatment

Like wax for your windshield, a windshield treatment at Jiffy Lube® helps rain, sleet and snow slide off your windshield.

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Windshield Wiper Replacement

Can't see through the streaks? If your wipers are chattering, skipping or streaking, visit Jiffy Lube® for quick and convenient windshield wiper replacement.

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Jiffy Lube® recommends following manufacturer recommendations, where applicable, for maintenance schedules and service intervals.

Not all services are offered at each Jiffy Lube® location. Please check with your local Jiffy Lube® service center for specific services offered.