Serpentine Belt Replacement

Serpentine Belt Replacement

What connects your vehicle's power steering, electrical, engine cooling and even air conditioning? The serpentine belt! For this key component, rely on the Jiffy Lube® serpentine belt replacement to help keep your vehicle on the road.


Jiffy Lube® visually inspects the serpentine belt for fraying, splitting, glazing (the working edge of the belt becomes shiny from age and wear) or any other damage. If necessary, your Jiffy Lube® technicians remove the current serpentine belt and install a new one.


The serpentine belt is a single, continuous belt that drives multiple devices in your engine, such as the alternator, power steering pump, water pump and air conditioning compressor. If your serpentine belt breaks, all of these systems will shut down and your vehicle may overheat.


The serpentine belt should be inspected regularly and replaced based on its condition.

Jiffy Lube® recommends following manufacturer recommendations, where applicable, for maintenance schedules and service intervals.

Not all services are offered at each Jiffy Lube® location. Please check with your local Jiffy Lube® service center for specific services offered.

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